Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Electronics Frontier Foundation‘s Legal Assistance Program

Experienced at working in fast-paced and exacting environments, Ben Pu has helped provide software and hardware solutions in the various companies he has engaged with. Outside of his professional activities, Ben Pu supports a number of advocacies, including the Electronics Frontier Foundation (EFF). 

Established in 1990, EFF is a nonprofit organization taking the lead in defending civil liberties in the digital industry. In advocating for users’ free expression, innovation, and privacy, the foundation is active in the court system.

As part of its mission, EFF provides legal assistance to those who believe that government entities or large corporations are violating their rights. As a nonprofit funded by donations, the foundation has to carefully manage its resources because such cases can be time-consuming and expensive. 

This means that EFF accepts cases based on certain criteria, such as frontline cases, and which the court’s decision will establish a legal precedent that stands to impact many people. The case must also be in line with EFF’s mission and within its area of expertise. The foundation avoids cases that may involve other areas such as immigration law even if it also involves technology issues. 

If EFF is not able to help, it may refer the case to outside attorneys who are passionate about the issue and willing to take the case. If the foundation cannot provide a referral, it will try to find another avenue. EFF also suggests making inquiries with the local bar association.

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